PK10“宠昵用品”旗下拥有七大知名品牌:即CalSun(加州阳光)、Innovet(依诺)、Warren London(华伦家族)、NILodor(亿味净)、Essential dog(爱神岛)、Lupinepet(乐派)、Loyalty Pet Treats(罗蒂零食);






Chongy Pet Products has been spending several years in sourcing quality pet products for our valued customers in China。 Since 2012, we have traveled to most of the developed countries to learn the local advanced pet care products and services。 We are aiming to introduce the quality natural and environment-friendly products for the pet owners in China。

We are now exclusively representing these world reputed brands from the USA, West Europe and Australia: CalSun, Innovet, Warren London, Nilodor, Essential Dog, Lupine pet, Loyalty Pet Treats。

Chongy will continuously bring the most up to date pet products and technology to serve our little friends both dogs and cats. All of our suppliers are absolutely well known brands in their countries and highly recognized by their clients.

We LOVE every pets, we also care the health of your pets, and we are working to make every family enjoy your time with your pet friends.

烟台宠昵宠物用品PK10,专营 亿味净 伊诺特 锐牌 华伦家族 美丽狮 等业务,有意向的客户请咨询我们,联系电话:15653539333

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